Monday, July 17, 2006

BECOMING CHLOE by Catherine Ryan Hyde

I am really liking this book. I like the idea of searching for joy and identifying it in the little things we see every day and take for granted. Here's another paragraph that struck me:

I look around, breathe, close my eyes. See Randy's face and experience this briefly for him. Then I look around at the view again. And I realize that for all the joy we've seen so far, I've allowed it all to remain outside of me. It's always been over there. Look, over there. Some joy just went by. A little more just flew by. And when I realize that, I let it into me. And I become the joy. Just for a split second, I think I do. (p. 158)

I can relate to that. Noting things that are pretty or someone doing something nice for someone else, but not necessarily taking the time to fully appreciate it. This book is reminding me to appreciate.

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  1. So, what did you end up thinking about the book? I won't say it was the best book I read this year, but I did really enjoy it and so far everyone else I know who read it has enjoyed it as well.


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