Friday, May 02, 2008

Right Behind You by Gail Giles - booktalk

Right Behind You by Gail Giles
5Q 4P J/S

I stared at Billy as he stood there waving his baseball glove in my face, telling me it was a birthday present from his mother. I stared at the happy grin on his face, listened as he taunted me with "You don't even have a mom to give you one." In the background, I could hear my dad and Aunt Jenna arguing. I knew they were arguing about me and who I should live with and where. And suddenly I got madder than I've ever been. It was so unfair. Billy had everything I wanted. A glove. A grin. A mom. I didn't have any of it. But I did have the bucket of gasoline Dad had been making me fill all morning. I still had the cigarette lighter in my pocket. I could take at least one of those things away from him. I grabbed the bucket and sloshed the gasoline all over Billy's glove. It splashed on his arms and shirt and dribbled down his pants, too. Some even spattered up on his face. I don't think Billy even knew what I threw on him. He just called me a bad name and cradled his glove against his chest. By then I had the lighter out. I flicked the wheel and watched the blue spurt of flame spring up. I pitched it at the birthday baseball glove. It was covered in flames in seconds. So was Billy. His screams made my dad come running, but I was frozen in place. By the time Dad reached him and started beating out the flames, by the time Aunt Jenna had called 911, it was too late.

I was nine years old. And I'd just killed a boy.

How do I live with that?


  1. amazing book just read it

  2. This was the best book I've ever read in my life no doubt. I can't count how many times i cried while reading it. Absolutely amazing, words can't describe how i feel about this book.
    My favorite part was "He released the wheel and rubbed his hands against his face, then against his jeans. He didn't know it, but The Frown had taught me well. He was wiping me away."
    Also the part when he said when he found out Carrie loved him, he forgave his mother for dying. Also the whole concept of the hungry ghosts and long spoon really got to me and how he never called anyone by their real names so they wouldn't get close until he met Sam. Beautiful book it makes me feel like i wish Wade was a real person and he was mine. Yeah, i know, pathetic. I've got a crush on a book character.
    Anyways i agree lol.

  3. I agree one hundred percent. :)
    I absolutely loved this book.
    Once I started I just couldn't put it down.
    For anyone NOT interested by the words typed above my entry and others, I found this book as a case of judging a book by its cover (when I bought it there were no reviews about the novel and the cover sparked no interest in me) this a MUST read, the characters, especially Wade were tantalizing. My advice : JUST READ IT! It's guaranteed to take hold of you and never let you go.

  4. I don't get the ending :S, and why it connects with the title.

  5. Anonymous: If you mean you don't understand the ending of my booktalk and why it connects with the title, my answer is that my booktalk sets up what the book is about: how does a young boy deal with the fact that he killed somebody? If you mean you don't understand the ending of the book and why it connects with the title, I'm afraid I can't do your homework for you. That's one you'll have to figure out for yourself.

  6. This was a truly amazing book. I was a sophomore in high school when my boyfriend today me to read it. It shed a light on something that had been happening to someone in my school. It didn't get as extreme as setting someone on fire but it made me understand and be able to talk with that person easier.. The quotes in Right Behind You sent shivers down my back.. This book is by far my most favorite book and I will read it and reread it many times before I die.



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