Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm not dead...really, I'm not - take 2

Boy, it's been quiet around here lately! I read a lot of great books in a row over the winter, and then I hit a spate of books that I enjoyed well enough, but didn't really feel compelled to blog about. So I haven't posted anything here in what, almost two months? That's too long. I'll bet all half dozen of my readers have given up on me by now. I hope they'll wander back when their news feed shows signs of life here.

In the meantime, in the past two or three weeks I've read three or four books I really liked, so I'll be posting about Wake by Lisa McMann, Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork, and The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp over the next couple of weeks. (It takes me forever to marshall my thoughts in a semi-coherent manner, so composing a post can take a while.) My thanks to Gail Giles for being such a cheerleader for Tharp's book. It wasn't on my radar before she wrote and blogged about it, and it's a book that should be getting more attention.

On a completely different subject, if anyone can point to style guides that discuss how to cite book titles on the web, I'd appreciate it. I was taught that book titles are always underlined, so that's what I do here. But the underline function isn't an option on the formatting toolbar or in the comments boxes that offer HTML. I don't know if that's because underlining is deprecated on the web or if it's just another example of "we don't really know what the rules of writing proper English are, and frankly we don't care" that seems so prevalent these days. Help?

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