Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blog Lull

For any of my handful of regular readers, first of all, thank you for being readers. It feels good to know you're out there. Secondly, this is a brief announcement to say that posts may be even fewer and father between than usual over the next month or so. I'm recovering from a surgical procedure and have just learned that I've got some other hoops to jump through. Since I don't think it's fair to review books when you can't give them your full attention and read them in an appropriate frame of mind, the most I expect I'll do is post a sentence or two about what I've been reading and if I liked it. I do hope to finish and post the half-written review of Platinum (Barnes) I was working on last.

I did read a couple of YA books over the past week, but I think I wasn't in the frame of mind to appreciate them fully. Fortunately, I started The True Meaning of Smekday at a good time, so I do want to give that middle-grade novel a thumbs-up and thank Adam Rex for giving me something fun to read while gearing up for/coming out of surgery. It was a perfect book for the time.

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